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Adventures of Americans in the Primorsky region: making ravioli, tigers and "Victory"

"Pacific bridge" united students of Vladivostok and San Diego

7 апреля 2016, 17:02, Дейта. The main point of cultural contact between Russia and the US on April 5 became an ordinary secondary school in Vladivostok. The arrival of the American delegation to the school under the "Pacific bridge" in the Vladivostok secondary school number 78, allowed to extend the boundaries of understanding for two people outside of politics, reported IA "Data"

Ordinary school "Perkins K-8 School" in San Diego, California, with troubled and not  students, with no children of politicians and wealthy businessmen and the most common high school in Vladivostok. It would seem that these two places are separated with the Pacific Ocean, politics and national boundaries, but at the school level meetings take place, which is fundamentally changing the attitude of the Americans and the Russians about each other.

"We continue to try to provide our students with as many opportunities, because our mission is to improve our world. The more students we have, the better will be the world ", - said the founder and director of the school of Fernando Hernandez.

As part of the exchange program, American students today visited the lessons at  Russian school, walked through all the classes where our students learning. Total to Vladivostok came 7 students and 2 accompanying school "Perkins K-8 School".

As explained by the coordinator of the project "Pacific a bridge ", a teacher of history and social science of the school number 78 Svetlana Alexandrova, her students reacted well to such initiative.

"Now they go on lessons. Today we will have a lesson of housekeeping, we will teach them to make dumplings. Students of our school are very happy about this, they want to talk with the children from the United States more ", - said the coordinator of the project" Pacific a bridge ", a teacher of history and social science Svetlana Aleksandrova.

In addition, the guys will have a sightseeing tour of the sights of Vladivostok, a trip to Safari Park, where they will show the famous goat Timur and the Amur tiger, and Automoto Museum, where they will be able to familiarize themselves with the Soviet Auto classic. Guys also will have a trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific.

It should be noted that the visits have reversed character. Russian schoolchildren had already visited «Perkins» School in 2015, where they met with the American culture and the education system.

"We represent the Association of sister cities in Vladivostok. Our students every two years go to school "Perkins":get acquainted with the program of education and culture. Despite all the difficulties in the policy, such moments are good elements for a better understanding. The same American students return home with understanding that Russian people does not go in fur cap, we are open and friendly people, "- said the representative of the Association of sister cities in Vladivostok Eugene Rusetsky.

Reminding, that the heads of secondary schools of sister cities of Russia and the United States have organized their own pupil exchange program and now every year Russian and American children have the opportunity to know the cultural features of each other, and greatly increase the level of foreign language.

Students Exchange Programs have become regular for the past four years. The last time American children came to Vladivostok in April 2014. The guests visited the safari park, Shtykovskih ponds, acquainted with the possibilities of the Far Eastern Federal University, walked through the memorable and beautiful places of Vladivostok, visited lessons in Russian school and generally had a great time productively. Then, students from Vladivostok came in San Diego with the reciprocal visit.

Note that the exchange program has no sponsors and the parties have to pay for their own travel - all expenses parents incur. So, unfortunately, not all children have the opportunity to gain valuable experience of direct contact with native speakers and interact with their peers from abroad.

Photo: IA "Data"

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