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Primorye has own interactive map and web-site in five languages

Vladimir Miklushevskiy set a task to develop internal and entry tourism, including cultural, educational and ecological tourism

23 марта 2016, 16:50, Дейта.

The First Vice-Governor of the Primorsky Territory Vasiliy Usolcev conducted the first meeting of the independent noncommercial organization “Touristic and Informational Center of the Primorsky Territory” Review Board.

A Chairman of the Review Board was elected in the meeting. Vasiliy Usolcev became the Chairman.

Also the participants of the Board have elected the Director of the Center. Now Daria Guseva – the manager on internal tourism of “Primorsky Club” company is the Director.

As the Director of the Department of International Cooperation and Tourism Development of the Primorsky Territory Alexey Starichkov reported to Vasiliy Usolcev, today a web-site of “Touristic and Informational Center” is already developed. An information in five languages – Russian, English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean will be represented in it. Now the web-site is testing.

Concurrently with personnel recruitment is conducting, also guide of the Territory and other materials are developing. The interactive map of Primorye is already placed in the web-site.

Vasiliy Usolcev put Review Board and new Head of the Center a task to attract partners for cooperation. Big touristic companies, transport and air companies could become partners.

Note that  “Touristic and Informational Center of the Primorsky Territory” is creating by the instruction of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The Head of Nation ordered to create united informational space and the web of same centers in the regions.

Tasks of the Center involve a representation of reference and information services about touristic places and infrastructure of the region, creating of united informational space in the territory of Primorye, promotion of touristic resources of the Territory in internal and foreign touristic markets, increasing of internal and entry touristic flows.

We remind that according to the opinion of Vladimir Miklushevskiy the touristic industry of the region shall be one of the factors of the Primorsky Territory economy development.

The Head of Primorye set a task to develop internal and entry tourism, including cultural, educational and ecological tourism.

“There are lot of  interesting cultural and historical objects in Primorye. It is necessary to understand that we can use them for tourists attraction” – Vladimir Miklushevskiy thinks.

It should to be noted that touristic potential of Primorye is interesting for residents and guests of the Territory. Over 25 thousand of people visited events of XVIII Pacific International Tourist Exhibition (PITE) in May.

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